Agent of Clarity


Be clear or get lost.

Steve Brazell

American Brand Strategist and Agent of Clarity

Steve Brazell is an American Brand Strategist and Agent of Clarity. Affectionately known as “The Hitman,” Steve founded the New York-based Competition Removal® firm Hitman Inc over 22-years ago, and helps companies of every size clarify and focus their brand message to stand out and capture new market share in our new hyper-competitive and fast changing world. 

Steve is also the founder of Limelight, the world’s first patent-pending on-line brand builder, and Whetstone — the first on-line re-branding tool developed for the Department of Defense. Steve is the author of “Clear! The simple guide to keeping your business alive and kicking,” and “Break Through the Cash Ceiling” in Men’s Health magazine. Steve was named one of Esquire’s 45 Under 45 Professional Men. He is fluent in Japanese, and an avid student of body language, human behavior and psychology, martial arts, and Far East philosophy. Steve can be found most often on the Upper West Side of New York City.

Hands down, the most attentive, enthusiastic, and brilliant partner we’ve worked with on any campaign.
— Time inc


The biggest problem in the market is choice.

It doesn’t matter what you do if you can’t sell what you do. We are experts at helping clients differentiate their brand, then clarify their message so they can win marketshare.
— Steve Brazell | Founder Hitman Inc | New York City

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Do you matter?


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the solution

What we do.


Brand Clarity Strategy Session 


In a crowded world, only brands that can quickly and effectively articulate who they are and why they matter win. Steve Brazell, Founder of Hitman Inc., will guide your team through The 10 Laws of Competition Removal® and help you re-discover and articulate your brand's mission and message. Then walk you through clarifying every aspect of where and how your brand touches your internal team and your customers—so you can gain a competitive sales advantage.


Political Consulting


We help politicians at every level discover what matters most in their environment to ensure their message is differentiated, clear and on-point. We help candidates develop a brand that is trusted from first impression through the voting booth. Either stand for a very clear idea the people care about, or go down in history as an also-ran.


Brand Crisis Management


No, you don't always have to pay for your mistakes—you just have to manage them well. We help celebrities and high-net worth individuals maintain and grow brand value by managing challenging situations that could be damaging to their reputations and their bank accounts.



60 and 120 minutes presentations

From Fortune 500s to startups, Steve Brazell presents to professional sales teams, executive groups, entrepreneurs, and organizations of every kind by sharing the latest evidence-based Branding and Marketing strategies from the front lines. Rated "most life changing" and "most thought-provoking," Steve's dynamic, fun, and fast-paced (a slide every 8 seconds) presentation style, keeps audiences on the edge of their seat while providing takeaways that can be implemented immediately.


The best hire a Hitman.

Get inside the mind of this branding guru and learn how to dominate your competition once and for all.
— Keyshawn johnson | Super Bowl Champion | ESPN Commentator

Even the book is a clear hit.

By Steve Brazell and Aiden Livingston
At last a marketing book that’s simple, easy to read and amazingly accurate in it’s advice. You’ll enjoy it, and be the smarter for reading it.
— Jack Trout | Pioneer of positioning

Clear! The simple guide to keeping your business alive and kicking is the break-through book that is filled with easy one-idea-per-chapter strategies to help you jumpstart your business.