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Brand Crisis Management

Because Ray Donovan isn't real.

When crisis hits, you need to move fast to reduce risk and brand reputation exposure that could cost you millions in cash, stock or lost opportunities.
— Steve Brazell | Founder, Hitman Inc | New York City

What it is.

Ongoing consulting for companies, celebrities and high-net worth individuals to help ensure a small manageable situation doesn't turn into a full-blown media crisis. And, if it does, Hitman Inc helps guide brands through crisis by providing smart and experienced insights about what, when, and how to engage with the media (or opposing parties) to reduce risk and exposure. We work closely with your management, personal security, and legal team to quickly and effectively maximize results.

We also consult with celebrities and high-net worth individuals experiencing change on how to best position their brand to take advantage of new emerging opportunities.


What you get.

24 hour access 365 days a year world-wide.


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What not to ask.

We never discuss our crisis clients. Every discussion, engagement, strategy or tactic is strictly confidential.


Manage crisis.


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Lance's loss.

Lance Armstrong’s poor handling of his doping scandal cost him an estimated $150 million in future earnings.
— Forbes