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Why hire typical when you can hire a Hitman?

Powerful! Captivating! Thought Provoking! The entire Fitness sales and marketing team found Steve’s presentation compelling and useful. It was talked about for days afterwards.
— Eric Schwarzkopf | Publisher, Fitness Magazine | New York City

What it is.

60 to 120 minute keynote presentation.

For over two decades, Steve Brazell has helped Fortune 500s, startups and celebrities (Intel, IBM, Warner Brothers, Keyshawn Johnson, Microsoft, Walt Disney) build brands that win. He’s distilled what works (and what doesn’t) into Competition Removal, 10 Laws Leaders Use to Win. This presentation is high on energy, inspiration, audience participation, and real-world takeaways that help you learn what you must do now to stand out, stay relevant, and win in a fast changing and hyper-competitive world. This is a master class in Brand Building and Market Strategy.


What you'll learn.

Rated in the top 1% of speakers at events attended, and listed as "most thought-provoking" and "most life-changing," Steve Brazell's presentations are deeply immersive and engaging, and provide abundant new real-world takeaways that can be implemented immediately. Key take-aways include:

  • An actionable understanding of Brand Vision, Mission and Cause

  • Proven techniques to consistently differentiate yourself and your business

  • The right way to win new businesses without lowering your price

  • The single biggest mistake that costs valuable marketshare

  • The critical component new brain science says most marketing is missing

  • What separates a winning brand from a losing brand

  • Increase marketing results while lowering ad spend

  • How to build consistent brand messaging

  • How to build a powerful visual brand

  • How to own an idea that matters to your market

  • How to increase customer engagement and loyalty

  • How to keep innovating in a fast world of change


Watch: Steve Brazell Keynote 05:20

Your presentation was amazing and totally exceeded my expectations. Your visuals were dead on. You had my attention from the moment you started and I was totally engaged till your finish.
— Lee Slattery | Publisher, Family Circle Magazine | New York City

Booking. Pricing.

Steve Brazell books 3 to 6 months in advance. Need a keynote sooner? Contact our office in New York City (US and Europe) or Kuwait (MENA Region) for potential opportunities. Pending availability, Steve will donate his time to causes he believes in, especially youth or collegiate entrepreneur programs. Contact us to discuss your event.


Keynote Fees:

$7,500±  In New York City

$10,000± In The United States (Plus Business Air, Hotel, and Transfers)

$15,000± International (Plus Business Air, Hotel, and Transfers)

“Interesting, timely, relevant, and most importantly—actionable. Steve spoke for almost 90 minutes without seeming to take a breath. I was absolutely riveted.
— Grow America | Salt Lake City

See it.


Steve Brazell addressing entreprenures on The 10 Laws of Competition Removal.

Steve’s presentation was epic! The best speaker we’ve had here in years.
— Mobile Beat | Las Vegas

Steve Brazell presented to almost 1,000 attendees at the Mobile Beat convention in Las Vegas discussing how to stand-out in today's hyper-competitive world.

The content was right on the mark. The delivery captivated our audience. As an opening session, the program set the bar extraordinarily high and provided a mega-jolt of energy to our members.
— Tom Cohn | Vice President, DPHA | San Diego


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